SI Velocity InsideEdge November 2014 Newsletter: The Times They Are a Changin

Posted By: Shelly Sood - December 10, 2014

To quote the great Bob Dylan in his iconic song: the times they are a-changin’. This is true of many things in our world, not the least of which is the landscape of the Internet (and digital marketing’s place within the online realm). But there’s no need to get dramatic; whether or not you realize […]

Online Technologies Business Owners Need to Know

Posted By: Shelly Sood - August 12, 2014

Providing a better user experience for customers is of the utmost importance. When you’re a business owner, you need to make sure that you have more than just a website to obtain customers and enhance their overall experience. You may know all about SEO and digital marketing, but there are some technologies available that can […]

Social Media for Small Business

Posted By: Shelly Sood - May 6, 2014

Getting started in the world of social media can be overwhelming and intimidating for a small business owner. You probably already know that in order to be relevant in today’s market, you need to use social media to keep current customers engaged and attract new customers at the same time.  For one thing, social media […]

Traditional SEO Is Dead – Thanks to Adaptive SEO: Are You Keeping Pace with the Changes?

Posted By: Shelly Sood - March 13, 2014

If you own a business and have a website, there’s a chance you’ve developed a negative stance toward SEO. Maybe you had a bad experience with an “SEO company” or you just spent too many dollars without seeing or understanding the return you got on your investment. It’s true that there was a time where […]

WSI Velocity InsideEdge February 2014 Newsletter: Pay-Per-Click: It's Not One Dimensional: Are You Using PPC To Its Full Potential?

Posted By: Shelly Sood - March 10, 2014

As a business owner or marketer who is responsible for driving and converting website traffic, you’ve likely encountered articles and discussions that pit search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) against one another in a fight to the death. Ardent supporters of each side will offer a bevy of reasons that you should use […]

WSI Velocity InsideEdge October 2013 Newsletter: Email Marketing: An Underrated Tactic

Posted By: nikhiltorsekar - October 23, 2013

Pick up a paper (or rather, a tablet) these days and all you read about is social media: the pending IPO of Twitter, the continual innovation of LinkedIn, and “dark horse” channel Google+ to name a few. No doubt about it, social (along with mobile and cloud) technologies have for some time held the spotlight, […]

Backlash for the Hash(tag)

Posted By: Shelly Sood - July 15, 2013

Social media is the quintessential paradox of modern society.   It is a loaded term, which serves purposes professional (LinkedIn), informational (Twitter), and utterly frivolous (Vine).  Businesses small and large are simultaneously intrigued and frightened by this medium, and who can blame them?  Taco Bell and Domino’s are among the walking wounded for whom decorum-challenged employees […]

Leveraging Twitter to Help You Get Fitter

Posted By: nikhiltorsekar - January 23, 2013

Nikhil Torsekar, Chicagoland management consultant and running enthusiast, offers insights into the benefits of integrating social media into fitness routines.

Why You Need a Niche and a Brand

Posted By: Shelly Sood - October 18, 2012

Ever wonder why your page ranking is so poor or why it is that even though you have an awesome website, nothing is happening? Part of the answer is that you may not have adequately defined your niche and developed a brand. You read that right, it is not enough to have a great website. […]

Keeping Digital Marketing Strategies Fresh

Posted By: Shelly Sood - September 19, 2012

Everyone is going with digital marketing strategies these days, but some achieve little or no result. In some cases, the effects have not been lasting. There is usually one simple reason for this – not reviewing your strategies periodically. To get the most benefit from any type of digital marketing you need to occasionally update […]

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