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Shelly Sood - February 20, 2012

Less is more

This is an adage that has great currency in our information-overloaded society, which can sometimes make us feel like we are living in what Om Malik called “notification hell.”

Nowhere is this maxim more relevant than Twitter.  WSI Velocity is very passionate about the myriad benefits of this tool:

  • information-sharing resource, that allows for curation through tools such as paper.li
  • networking tool that can facilitate broader engagement than, for instance, Facebook or Linkedin
  • a realtime source of that often “scoops” the mainstream news media outlets on pivotal events in society.  Most recently this was seen with the demise of Whitney Houston

How to cram all that graham…err, information

Most folks probably wonder how to cram all that information into the 140-character limit Twitter imposes on micro-blog posts.  To get around this restriction there are a wide variety of URL shorteners that will condense long, unwieldy addresses.  There are more tools than you can shake a stick at out there, but the following two are particularly solid:

  • bit.ly – allows for customization and creation of URLs.  This will help you identify and organize the content, add a personal element (eg, http://bit.ly/wsivelocity-inside-edge-feb-2012).  Further, it will clarify to the end user the topic of the URL: the afore-mentioned link looks a tad less “spammy” than, say, http://bit.ly/yFvgVd
  • goo.gl – recommended for folks with Gmail accounts who want to shorten their URLs but really don’t feel like remembering another username / password combo.

Get on the short list

Want to learn how to leverage URL shorteners and other Internet marketing tools?  Please contact Barry Cohen, Internet Consultant with WSI Velocity, today to set up a free Internet Business Analysis (IBA).  We look forward to helping your organization achieve profitable growth by devising and executing a comprehensive Internet marketing plan.

Incidentally, the full text of that article up there?  It’s “Use URL Shorteners to Wring Maximum Value from Twitter and Change the World One Tweet at a Time.”

See, less really is more!


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